Art and Culture

Through art and craft one manifests the creative power, aesthetic sense and artistic ability inherent in him/her. Such expression is a window to the cultural heritage and values he/she has imbibed. At Bhavan’s College, the students have ample opportunity to showcase all such skills and talents, and hone them as well taking them to the next level.

‘VISISHTA 2K18’the annual inter-college fest of Bhavan’s College was organized by the students with much aplomb. VISISHTA is a platform for students to share talents and expertise and exchange knowledge with others, through meaningful interaction.

We saw a sizable participation from students of various institutions and backgrounds, at VISISHTA 2K18, making it a huge success.
Festivals and events such as Onam, Christmas, Republic Day, Ramayana week, College day, Arts day, Reading Day/week etc. are celebrated by the college, with zeal and much gaiety.

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