The Bhavans Alumni Association

The Bhavans Alumni Association

Each year the Campus sees older faces disappear and new ones fill-in the shoes. This might seem to be the course of life to the onlooker, but to the graduating batch, it means bidding adieu to the alma mater where they belonged until shortly and spent some of their most memorable years as an integral part of the family. But, passing out never estranges one from his/her alma mater! It brings them close to its heart. The Bhavan’s Alumni Association goes the mile to keep these ties closely fastened.


Bringing about diverse transformations for the associate community is one of the prime objectives of the Alumni Association. Its other objectives are:

  • To keep the alumni updated about the activities of the college. To enhance the moral and spiritual growth of the college fraternity.
  • To provide a platform for the alumni to proffer support to lead the organization forward.
  • To ensure the Institute’s mission and core values.
  • To launch initiatives for inter and intra-networking among the alumni and the Institution.
  • Institutional brand building.
  • To connect and celebrate the achievements of the alumni, faculty, staff and students.
  • Provide active support and guidance through mentorship programs.

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Taking friends and colleagues along makes the journey from the starting point to the destination more worthwhile… Then why tread alone?

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