Wellness & Ramayana Day Celebration

Bhavan's College of Arts & Commerce, Kakkanad organised "Wellness & Ramayana Day Celebrations" on 21st July 2023 to celebrate the revered Hindu epic the Ramayana that has inspired and mesmerized the Indian cultural tapestry for centuries. The main objective of the programme was to rekindle interest in this timeless epic and to ensure that its history is transmitted to subsequent generations to foster intercultural harmony and to promote India's cultural heritage. The Principal of Bhavan's College of Arts and Commerce, Dr. Anilkumar K, welcomed the gathering. Poet and media worker, Mr. Sanal Potti and former Joint RTO, Dr. Adarsh Kumar performed "Chol kaazhchaa" and spoke about the importance of spiritual wellness with special reference to the Indian epic -The Ramayana. Dr. Ajith Kumar of Kottakkal Aryavaidya Shala delivered a lecture on the importance of leading a healthy life with the aid of Ayurveda. Faculty members, Dr. Parvathy Nair and Mrs. Deepika.C recited verses from the Ramayana, which narrates the tale of Rama. Dr. Annie Thomas, HoD of English and the IQAC Coordinator, Mrs. Neethu Gopalakrishnan also addressed the audience. The function ended with Aushadakanji Seva in the month of Karkitaka to familiarize people with the goodness of Ayurveda.




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